We work with a wide range of water industry, industrial and commercial clients to benchmark, optimize and improve performance of aeration and air supply systems. 

Initial baseline process monitoring includes blower performance testing, DO meter checks, energy metering and non-disruptive supply and delivery air flow/pressure measurement. Initial measurement takes between 1 and 4 weeks depending on site requirements. 

Analysis of the data provides clear understanding of process performance, which is assessed against process quality parameters and visual inspection. 

A detailed report with calculation, measurement and recommendation is then presented. 

A post assessment survey briefing is typically provided to key stakeholders including site managers, technicians, engineers, controllers, asset managers, process scientists, HSEQ personnel, optimisers and energy management professionals with group discussion leading to the development of firm project proposals.

A project implementation plan is submitted together with detailed competitive tendered costs for both capital investment and non capital solutions i.e. control modifications.

Air Technology provide project management of solution implementation together with benefits realisation measurement and reporting. Detailed savings and best practice benefits are captured for potential further implementation at other sites.


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