Experts In Aeration 

Wastewater Treatment is energy intensive, accounting for 55-60% of water industry energy costs with up to 60% of this figure consumed by aeration processes. It is therefore key for companies to consider the combined energy and quality impacts of not having high performing operating assets.  Air Technology work with our customers’ team and programme management structures to provide cost-effective operational performance improvements.

Air Technology have forged a position as acknowledged industry experts in aeration and have worked closely with UK water companies, optimising their blowers and aeration systems. We have developed a wide array of techniques to undertake surveys enabling us to refine processes and systems based on detailed system performance measurement and appropriate investment. 

Aeration Improvement Savings

Typically we estimate that a 20% saving can be achieved on wastewater treatment plants. That’s based on detailed knowledge and case study benchmarks of projects implemented over many years.

Our wealth of experience in compressors and understanding of wastewater treatment processes enables us to give an impartial view on the technology being employed and allows us to approach upgrades in a practical manner.

We are committed to provide clients with appropriate and viable technical solutions that justify and meet economic, risk and quality business drivers.

The water industry has experienced a significant rising energy cost base with ever-increasing demands of biosolids treatment and water quality improvements. Our team have specifically added value in these areas including significant improvement in sludge production reduction and lower ammonia outputs from treatment processes as a result of optimisation projects. 

Our approach is one of Baseline Measurement followed by Process Analysis that provides a clear and positive programme for process improvement and plant optimisation.


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