Although our Optimisation work yields the greatest energy saving in compressed air operation, we are also expert in compressed air operations throughout the entire network. Compressor manufacturers can solve problems on their own equipment, but many times the issues lie 'somewhere' in the system, and Air Technology can help to resolve those problems wherever they lie in the distribution network.

Low pressure or reduced flow

Can have a variety of causes - a stuck valve, overloaded pipework, we have even traced where foreign bodies such as a bucket or scaffold bracket blocked a pipe.  Sometimes these problems are 'lived with' for months before being solved, while all the time massive amounts of expensive energy is being wasted. Often a simple point of use change can overcome the problem rather than investment in new compressors or major pipework modifications.   Air Technology will conduct a thorough search to find out what your problem's root cause is, and resolve it in the most cost-effective way possible.

Poor Air Quality

Air Technology can identify and solve the problems that lead to poor air quality - high particulates in the air, oil or water contamination, temperature control. Clean, dry air is critical to many industrial processes and issues in air quality can be costly, leading to downtime, corrosion and damage to the system. Air Technology can advise on how to solve those problems and get your compressed air systems running perfectly.

Inefficient Blower or Compressor Performance

Sometimes we have to go deeper to establish compressor issues, which can be as simple or complex as the wrong gearing making the motor run at the wrong speed, or a poor choice of motor, although it is often just down to inadequate maintenance. Air Technology can work with you to identify these deeper faults and propose and implement the correct changes. We can project manage the complete process so you can be confident that you will get the very best, independently verified, solution to make sure your compressor equipment runs efficiently and effectively.

Poor Installation

We are constantly challenged to find problems that have occurred through installation.  Recently, we were asked to look at a bank of centrifugal blowers where the machines failed to come out of surge mode until they were e-stopped. The extended surge had wasted huge amounts of energy and had risked permanent damage to the machines. On investigation, Air Technology discovered that the surge protection had been wired incorrectly to the PLC, rendering it useless. A simple fix, but one that only came after a significant cost.

Call Air Technology

 The first step to solving your problems is to get in touch. We are recognised globally (by the United Nations, no less) as the leading experts in Compressed Air. You can't get better advice, so call us. Every day you don't is costing you money.

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