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Sometimes, the best way to optimise and improve your Compressed Air generation, treatment and distribution system is by installing new equipment. 

Air Technology is completely independent of any manufacturer, and so is in a perfect position to advise and manage the installation of your new equipment.

We will work to specify the ideal solution for you, with a Compressor that features the latest drive systems and control, ideally sized for your current and future needs, we'll add the level of treatment that delivers clean, dry air for your process, with the network efficiently designed, installed and optimised to move air efficiently and effectively to where it is needed.

Turnkey Compressed Air solution

Trust the Experts to deliver the most cost-effective solution. We will handle specification and technical negotiation with a range of high-quality suppliers to make sure you get the best equipment for your installation. We know what works best, so you won't pay for equipment or 'extras' that just add cost, rather than adding a benefit.     Typically around 75% of the lifetime cost of a compressor is energy and only 15% or so initial capital so it pays to ensure you get the machinery best matched to your system. 

Technical Support

We will work with you throughout the Project, liaising between you and the suppliers, then work directly with you through the commissioning and implementation phase, and then training your staff to use the new equipment, only handing over once every aspect of the Project is fully operation and you are working at full efficiency.

Expertise all the way, helping you work smarter and saving you money




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