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Compressed air problem solving, saving energy in compressed air operations and helping our customers determine future compressed air strategy

Our compressed air services include investigation, surveys and audits, followed up by a full report including detailed findings and full recommendations for remedial actions. Where necessary, we will also develop new equipment specifications and provide vendor lists, and project manage the purchase process in partnership with and on behalf of our clients.

Below is a very brief summary of how we go about our work. Please contact us for more information and a more detailed breakdown of how we approach an individual project, and to explore how we can best help you.

Compressed Air Audits

The starting point. We measure what is happening throughout your compressed air system. Audits are measurement-based, all our equipment is calibrated and traceable back to International Standards. Compressed air audits cover the following as standard:

Compressed Air Generation All compressor types and configurations tested to ISO1217 or PTC10. Poor compressor efficiency, shown by a wide variation between actual and rated output, wastes energy, and Air Technology will identify problems, report back to you and suggest cost-effective solutions.

Compressed Air Treatment Compressed Air treatment is energy-intensive and expensive, it is important that the air is treated to the appropriate level for the process, and that treatment efficiency is maximised. Air Technology will identify issues such as pressure drops across the filtration and air drying systems, and also measure dewpoint and determine air quality (also see Compressed Air Validation below)

Problems are often down to the pressure drops across filtration and air drying systems. We will identify these issues, and also measure dewpoint and determine air quality (also see Compressed Air and Inert Gas Validation).

Compressed Air Distribution We use non-disruptive turbine flowmeters and pressure transducers in the live mains and log data throughout the network, providing a clear picture of the pattern of air usage throughout the site and over time. This approach clearly demonstrates department usage, leakage rates and pressure drops. Our Turbine Insertion Flowmeters enable demand to be determined and a demand profile to be established.

Use and Misuse of Compressed Air We use ultrasonic techniques to identify base leakage rates and individual process air requirements; we can target individual leakages and make specific recommendations for improvement.

Other Services

We also carry out flow, pressure and power measurement on other systems, for example low pressure blowers and fans, water, vacuum and inert gas systems.






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