Cutting the Costs of Compressed Air

Compressed air is a safe, effective and flexible way of transmitting energy around factories, but can be very expensive, typically accounting for between 5% and as much as 30% of Industry’s total electricity consumption. 

If you optimise your compressed air operation, you can significantly increase your operating profits

In our energy saving work we find average savings of around 30%. We do not sell equipment, and our surveys cover generation to point of use, so our recommendations are based on what is best for each client, and we only recommend new equipment when other optimisation approaches have been exhausted or where there is a clear benefit to the client by investing in correctly sized new machinery.

Since 1987, Air Technology has provided an independent, measurement-based service to more than 500 industrial, governmental and Utility clients world-wide, carrying out more than 2,000 surveys and identifying and implementing tens of millions of pounds of savings. Optimising air generation and identifying process issues have allowed us to help clients achieve substantial energy cost savings and significantly reduce their Carbon Footprint.

We employ specialist and highly trained and qualified engineers, and we are not tied to trade associations or any manufacturers. We do not take commissions or discounts, so you can be confident that the advice we provide is genuine, unbiased and will deliver real, measurable benefits to your business.

Please use the links to find out more about what we do. Then get in touch with us to discuss how Air Technology can help you to improve your compressed air performance.


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