Some dramatic benefits are possible, even in relatively short term projects. We were called in to a large plastics manufacturing factory for a single day survey to look at the efficiency of their air systems, driven by a large centrifugal compressor. 

The main issue that they had was that the power readings did not match with the assumed air flow through the system, showing us that there was a significant inefficiency. The compressor was also consistently running at the surge limit. 

We conducted a series of tests using Air Technology’s flow metering equipment and power meters, linking into the compressor control panel. We found that the compressor was running fully turned down all the time, so efficiency was very poor. In essence, the compressor was too large for the operation. That was later confirmed by performance testing the compressor.

Based on this survey and our detailed recommendations, the company commissioned a completely new compressor house, featuring the latest variable speed drive compressors and dryers with heat recovery. The compressors were specified with help from Air Technology to provide efficient operation now and the scope for future expansion later generating excellent savings compared to the old, inefficient system.

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