We have worked on a number of Water Treatment sites recently, identifying and solving problems that were creating staggering extra costs and energy usage. 

The work we did on three sites alone has resulted in savings of nearly 1.5 MILLION kWhr per year.

At one site, we spotted that compressed air was being being vented to atmosphere because the unloading valve was faulty on two of the site compressors. In addition, on the same site the wrong pulleys were fitted and there was an issue with the control system that stopped the support blower shutting down in low demand periods. The wrong motor mounting plates had been fitted so there was excessive torsional vibration.

These repairs and changes directly led to savings of nearly 400,000kWhr per year

At another site, we discovered that a control DO valve was faulty on one of the site MBBR tanks, reading much lower than the actual DO, resulting in a flow of over 2,500Nm3/hr more than the other tanks. Once repaired:

The resulting saving was over 600,000kWhr/yr

At a third site, we identified and reduced the leakage from the passing drain trap on the aeration pipework. While that directly produced savings of around 10,600kWhr/yr, the investigation identified problems with the control systemm. Once that was changed to turn one of the blowers off at periods of low demand:

Savings were 450,000kWhr/yr

Three surveys, resulting in major energy savings for these sites. None of the changes required capital expenditure, all were repairs or relatively straightforward changes in approach.

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