Preventing Bribery and Corruption

Air Technology conduct business with integrity and in full compliance with the law.  Air Technology and our employees must not give, agree to give, offer, or receive anything of value to influence the behaviour of another business partner or government official in order to obtain an improper benefit or advantage.  We do not make “facilitating payments,” which are small payments (or “tips”) to individual government officials to expedite routine government actions. 


Gifts, Entertainment and Gratuities

Air Technology’s policy generally prohibits receiving gifts, entertainment or other gratuities from people with whom Air Technology does business, because doing so could imply an obligation on the part of the Company and potentially pose a conflict of interest. 


Exempted from this policy are gifts such as t-shirts, pens, trade show bags and the like that employees obtain, as members of the public, at events such as conferences, training events, seminars, and trade shows, that are offered equally to all members of the public attending the event.


Also exempted are food, beverages, and moderately priced meals or tickets to local events that are supplied by and also attended by current customers, partners, and vendors or suppliers in the interest of building positive business relationships.

This moderately priced entertainment is provided as part of a “working” meeting or session to benefit and advance positive working relationships and company interests. These activities are expected to be reciprocated by our company in turn.

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